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Sleep Better AZ is Gilbert, Arizona’s expert sleep apnea center. Dr. Greg Manning and team are passionate about helping you get the sleep you deserve, stay rested, and stay healthy by treating obstructive sleep apnea. Millions of Americans are living with undiagnosed sleep apnea. They are at risk due to poor sleep quality and the associated medical conditions linked with ongoing sleep apnea, such as heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

A visit with Sleep Better AZ will leave you feeling relieved, understanding how to improve your sleep and treatment with an oral device that is as easy as it is effective. Schedule today to start your journey to healthy and refreshing sleep.


What is Sleep Apnea?

Are you tired of waking up not feeling rested? Are you finding yourself falling asleep at your desk halfway through the day? You may be among millions of Americans with undiagnosed sleep apnea!

Sleep Apnea Testing

Are you just getting started on your sleep health journey? Sleep Better AZ can provide a comfortable, at-home sleep test with accurate results at a fraction of the cost of an in-person lab study!

Sleep Apnea Treatment

CPAP isn’t the only solution for treating sleep apnea! Our custom-fit, easily portable, and FDA-approved Oral Devices can help provide the treatment obstructive sleep apnea Gilbert patients need with no hoses, noise, or hassle.

Your Path to Healthy Sleep Starts By Visiting Our Sleep Clinic in Gilbert, AZ

Are you having trouble sleeping? Staying asleep? Feeling sleepy all day? You may have untreated sleep apnea!

Sleep Better AZ can help you turn your restless nights and long days into bright and productive mornings with energy that lasts all day by providing you with higher-quality dental sleep.

Our team of experts is here to guide you through understanding and managing your sleep apnea. Don’t let untreated sleep apnea disrupt your life any longer. Contact Sleep Better AZ today for a consultation and discover the difference our dental sleep solutions can make in your life.



Daytime Sleepiness

General Fatigue

Do I have Sleep Apnea? Take Our Sleep Screener

Our quick sleep apnea assessment will help you understand the common symptoms and medical conditions that may make you more likely to have obstructive sleep apnea. Fill one out today, and our patient care team will be in contact with your results and options for sleep medicine treatment. If you have any concerns about your dental health, don’t hesitate to contact our dentistry experts for guidance.

Effective Treatment Beyond CPAP For Sleep Apnea Gilbert Patients

Lose the hoses, noise, and dirty CPAP machine, and treat your sleep apnea with an oral device from Sleep Better AZ.

Not only is the oral device more comfortable and accessible to travel with, but it is more accepted by patients – meaning sleep apnea Gilbert, AZ patients are getting the treatment they need more often, saving their lives.

Sleep Better AZ specializes in dental sleep care. We will fit you with a custom dental device made-to-order for your body that fits comfortably no matter what position you sleep in, where you are when you need it, and is easily adjustable over time as your dental profile changes. If you’re experiencing common sleep apnea symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact our patient care team for expert sleep medicine advice.

Oral Devices for Sleep Apnea: The Comfortable Solution in Gilbert, AZ

Discover our common dental symptoms and signs of sleep apnea effectively. Our experienced team at Sleep Better AZ fits people with a suitable machine for your unique needs. From ProSomnus Evo to EMA Appliances, our dentistry solutions are easy to use, maintain, and provide immediate results. You can trust us to ensure a comfortable and practical fit for your oral device so you can start your journey in Gilbert, AZ, to get a better night’s sleep.

Testing and Diagnosis

Don’t wait to address your sleep concerns. At Sleep Better AZ, we offer comprehensive sleep apnea testing and diagnosis services. Our at-home sleep test is a comfortable and cost-effective alternative to in-person lab studies, providing accurate results to help you understand your sleep health. Early diagnosis is critical to improving your quality of life and reducing the risk of severe health problems associated with sleep apnea.

CPAP Alternatives

Tired of the hassle of traditional CPAP machines? Sleep Better AZ offers practical and convenient alternatives for treating sleep apnea Gilbert area patients. Our custom-fit, easily portable, and FDA-approved Oral Devices provide a comfortable, hose-free solution to address obstructive sleep apnea. Say goodbye to noisy machines and say hello to a peaceful night’s sleep.

Start Your Journey to Better Sleep with Sleep Better AZ

Ready to take the first step towards better sleep and improved health? Getting started with Sleep Better AZ is easy:

1. Schedule a Consultation:

Contact us to schedule a consultation with our experienced team in Gilbert, AZ. We will assess your sleep needs during this visit and recommend the best action.

2. Take the Sleep Assessment:

To understand your sleep health better, take our free sleep assessment. This will help us identify any symptoms or risk factors related to sleep apnea.

3. Explore Treatment Options:

Discover our range of custom oral devices and alternative treatments designed to solve sleep apnea effectively.

4. Visit Our Office:

If necessary, visit our office at the following address for a personalized fitting and to pick up your custom oral device.

Why Gilbert, AZ Residents Choose Us for Sleep Apnea Care

At Sleep Better AZ, we stand out as your premier choice for sleep apnea treatment for several compelling reasons:


Our team, led by Dr. Greg Manning, is composed of passionate professionals with extensive experience in sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment. We are dedicated to improving your sleep and overall well-being.

Custom Solutions:

We understand that for each sleep apnea Gilbert area patient is a highly individualized condition. That’s why we provide custom-fit oral devices and treatment plans tailored to your unique needs, ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness.

CPAP Alternatives:

We offer alternatives to traditional CPAP machines, including FDA-approved Oral Devices. Say goodbye to hoses and noise and hello to a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Accurate Testing:

Our at-home sleep tests provide accurate results, allowing us to identify your sleep health needs without the inconvenience of in-person lab studies.

Comprehensive Care:

From testing to diagnosis and treatment, we offer a comprehensive approach to address all your sleep apnea concerns under one roof.

Better Sleep, Better Life:

Quality sleep is the cornerstone of a better life. Our mission is to help you achieve that so you can wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.
Choose Sleep Better AZ for your sleep apnea care and experience the difference. Contact us today to start your journey to a healthier, more restful sleep!

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